About us

We enhance your cakes and pastries

The VISP concept was started ten years ago by Rehn reklam- & designbyrå, which, after very long and close collaboration with the patisserie industry, has developed a knowledge and an understanding of this special environment with its
unique needs.

Along the way, they also gained solid experience of production in several different countries, where they worked directly with the factories, without intermediaries, which was an important prerequisite for being able to set up VISP.

VISP can now offer a broad product portfolio, and we’re delighted to be receiving a constant flow of enquiries about all kinds of new products for the industry. We always work closely with our customers, with innovative product ideas and unique design solutions.
The ultimate aim is to build a brand, arouse interest and attract even more purchases in your patisserie, bakery or café.

So don’t hesitate to contact us if something is suitable for your business. We also have lots of unusual samples, picked up from visits to our foreign producers, which may give you inspiration not to do what everyone else is doing …
Or maybe you have your own bold idea that we can make a reality and that will help to “enhance your cakes and pastries”.

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